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My mom says im special...yep.this made me laugh out loud haha

I always say to my mom "you love me because i am special" then make this face at her. Her only reply "OH you are special alright O.o" lmaooo so great xD

No humps.

No humps.

Starring an adorable Husky who tells bad jokes, Pun Dog could be the next Doge internet sensation. Learn about the hilarious funny dog meme.

To be or not to be...That's the question

Funny pictures about A falcon tries comedy. Oh, and cool pics about A falcon tries comedy. Also, A falcon tries comedy.

I don't do owls, but this is too cute

The World's Saddest Owl

Funny pictures about Sad little owl. Oh, and cool pics about Sad little owl. Also, Sad little owl.

I think it's punny

I think it's punny

Every Bunny was Kung Fu Fighting, Those cats were fast as lightning, In fact it was a little bit fright'ning, But they did it with expert timing…

Animals say the darnest things #humor #lol

I'm a huge fan of puns. And all of these animal puns literally made me laugh out loud! So funny/cute!

this si not so funny. i wish I was the top one

How I look when I go jogging. How I look when I go jogging. How I look when I go jogging.

Uitslapen  #100happydays #day83

I Can't get out of bed funny memes animals cats dog meme lol kitten funny quotes cute. humor funny animals - my reason for not jumping out of bed