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Obtained album. Loved with (nearly) all my heart.

Gorgeous double exposure images. These were NOT photoshopped. I love this one in particular; so beautiful and yet sad.

Ghostly mourning scene, c 1920 by William Hope, “spirit photographer” A woman mourns for her husband in a Chapel of Rest, the woman’s son stands beside her. The image of a man’s face has been superimposed over the original photograph. The spirit album notes that the family were Roman Catholics and believed in life after death.

Standing on a corner Passing time away I thought I heard an organ grinder Singing as he played He had a little monkey With a little cup of tin And he danced for joy hen someone put a penny in He sang, love me, love me, love Why did you ever leave me,...

Photo of a group at a seance, c 1920 by William Hope, “spirit photographer” The information accompanying the spirit album states that the table is levitating - in reality the image of a ghostly arm has been superimposed over the table. Hope’s “Spirit Photography” work gained momentum after WWI, when many people were desperate to find evidence of loved ones living beyond the grave. His techniques used double and triple exposures to render the appearance of ghostly apparitions.