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100 Words Every High School Student Should Know Gonna work on this. (Does this mean I have to go back to HS? There are words on here I've never heard of & I have a college degree!

Hey everyone! Im getting off early tonight! Have to get some rest for the ACT tomorrow morning! Wish me luck and Good luck to those taking it as well :)x

SAT * or above- ACT * reading- 18 * math- 19 * English/Writing- 18 *english/writing- 18

Root words - study tips, SAT

BenchPrep Tuesday Tip: If you're really stuck for the meaning of a word, try to think of other words that have similar prefixes, roots, or suffixes.

As long as they aren’t fast zombies, humanity should be OK. Max Brooks, author of World War Z, sat down at New York Comic-Con to discuss what makes the undead tick.

9 Bizarre Things About Zombies That Might Surprise You from Max Brooks

The Lonely Island & Solange ; The New Incorrect School House Rock - 'SEMICOLON' - Listen here --> http://beats4la.com/lonely-island-incorrect-school-house-rock-semicolon/

The Lonely Island & Solange ; The New Incorrect School House Rock - 'SEMICOLON'

The Lonely Island - SEMICOLON (feat. Solange) The first time I saw this, I could hardly pay attention to the lyrics b/c I was so sure they were supposed to be colons! hahaha thank goodness for the ending. I am a nerd.

Can You Pass A GCSE Stats Test Now

Could You Actually Pass GCSE Stats Now?

I have to pass my Preps !I am so telling Brent !

We all have the same experience during a test

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Multiple-choice test mentality is not just stupid, it’s evil. By placing emphasis on what you don’t know, multiple-choice tests trivialize what you do know

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