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In 2008, conservative email and websites propagated the false belief that Barack Obama came from somewhere other than his birthplace of Hawaii. In the New York Times in 2008, Sandra Aamodt and I addressed the neuroscience of why people came to adopt this belief. Now that Donald Trump is attempting to hide his five-year involvement in the “birther” movement, our piece is timely again.

#BernieSanders supporters have to decide if they will forgive #Hillary or try to stop her from once again living in the #WhiteHouse. When it came to the #Primaries #HillaryClinton didn’t think about the results of all her mudslinging. One would have thought she learned her lesson after all the mudslinging she did to #Obama in 2008, only to turn around and compliment him in 2016 and rely on his endorsement to boot. #DonaldTrump

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Obama 2008, and 2016

obama flaunts erection to female reporter. video buried by cnn until now..

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7 Lessons Learned From Michelle Obama's Speech

Almost puked when HRC used this line during debate. Obama said it best in 2008, "Hillary Has Done Nothing & She Will Do Nothing" #GoGreen #SteinBaraka My vote goes to 2 people who have been fighting the good fight for decades. NOT scandal after scandal after scandal or corruption ad infinitum! #NEITHER!

Join us for a freewheeling discussion of the 2016 elections with Lex Paulson, a veteran of the 2008 Obama campaign and U.S. Congress, currently professor of rhetoric at Sciences Po-Paris. In addition to talking through the polls and strategies of the two major candidates, we'll take some much-needed wisdom from Alexis de Tocqueville's [[|//Democracy in America//]~external] and Mark Twain's…

Michelle Obama on Hillary Clinton in 2008 vs 2016 - YouTube

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