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How to make a word cloud or tag cloud out of text... To generate a word cloud or tag cloud from text that you provide, try using Wordle. Wordle enables you to automatically make a word cloud out the keywords from your entire website. Visit for all the best entrepreneur and technology information.

3 Web-Based Tools that Generate Awesome Tag Clouds

Building a beautiful tag cloud (based on the terms extracted from a web page) is not all about fun. This post is meant not only to show you the tools that

How Much Data Is Created Every Minute? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thursday's sporadic Twitter outages gave addicts like us the shakes. After all, Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets per minute, and the site was down for a whole lot longe...

Tagy Replaces Rows Of App Icons On Your Home Screen With A Tag Cloud, Lets You Know What You Don't Use