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"Moostake", by #SCAD grad Jessica Knapp, $95 @shopSCAD

"Raku Water Vase" by #SCAD grad Irene McCollam, $42 @shopSCAD

"Teacup Chandelier" by SCAD grads Domestic Construction, $870 @shopSCAD

Chocolate Chipmunk Plushkill by #SCAD alum Jessica Knapp. Plushie trophies so nobody has to get hurt! We like that. $48 @shopscad

#SCAD alumna Jessica Knapp, "Hot Cross Bunny" mounted plushkill $95 @shopSCAD

The cutest tea towels in #savannah by #scad grad Kay Wolfersperger #fibers @shopSCAD

Plushkill by Jessica Knapp, $95, styling by Amy Zurcher, photo by Chia Chong

Plushkill by SCAD alumna Jessica Knapp, $95, Quilt floor covering by Jennifer Jenkins, pillows by Alejandra Dunphy, styling by Amy Zurcher and Kyle Millsap, photo by Chia Chong

Lovely vases by #SCAD artist, Irene McCollam at #shopSCAD

Plushkill Forest Bling Pony, Jessica Knapp, $95 @shopSCAD, styling done by Amy Zurcher, photo by Chia Chong