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#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall i Get... Going to the Hospital and Accessing Child Life Services with Medical Photo Vocabulary and Preparation Books is a fantastic resource for any child who is experiencing the environment for the first time, as well as those with special needs, who can benefit from the visual support of visual supports and social stories to help ease anxiety that surrounds a medical procedure, ER visit, or hosp

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Adding Apples HD is a great app for simple addition for those who can benefit from visual supports. In this app, a screen comes up that appears similar to a calculator, but with dot representing the numbers, on the keys. When the child chooses two numbers to add, like 2 plus 2, each number is spoken and 2 apples are add when you press the first two and again when you press the second two in a disp

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Kid in Story Book Maker Free is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the full version of the app before you make a purchasing decision! In this free version of the app, you can choose one story to read and to customize for and/or with your child, plus you can download social stories from the community only to read. To customize more books, you have to upgrade to the full version via a sec

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @appymall Touch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears is far more than a simple storybook! am this app, your child can utilize a read to me or read by myself option. Once page is read, there are many other things to do within the app. First, any object that is tapped is named and it's name appears at the top of the page. Also, your child or student can trace the words on on that page of the story in writing practic

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Sequencing from I Can Do Apps is a fantastic app for sequencing. The app has 5 different modes for sequencing, starting at the most basic, going all the way up to the level in which the user must match the number to its corresponding step in a 5 step written sequence of events. This app offers verbal encouragement and visual instructions, both of which can be turned off in settings, narration in s

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Toca Town will provide your child with hours of fun, open ended play! The app includes 21 Toca characters, 6 locations, including the park, police station, restaurant, house and apartment. Kids will have a blast, with free play, as they explore different environments, opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, putting characters to bed, feeding characters, wrapping gifts in the grocery

#AppyReview by Shari W. @AppyMall S.E.E. is an excellent app for targeting feelings and emotions. The interface is well done and easy to navigate and the photos accurately represent each emotion. There are four levels to choose from. The beginner level introduces emotional vocabulary by presenting an emotion and the written and spoken label. You can then quiz the child by having them identify the correct emotion from a field of

#AppyReview by Jo Booth OT @AppyMall Thinking Time Pro � Brain Training for Kids is a fantastic app helping kids to build executive functioning skills. This goes beyond learning colors, shapes, and cause and effect play. The program actually teaches kids how to think, and the program adapts to maintain just the right challenge for kids. The four main components are working memory, flexibility, reasoning and the ability to inhibit imp