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#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall i Get... Going to the Hospital and Accessing Child Life Services with Medical Photo Vocabulary and Preparation Books is a fantastic resource for any child who is experiencing the environment for the first time, as well as those with special needs, who can benefit from the visual support of visual supports and social stories to help ease anxiety that surrounds a medical procedure, ER visit, or hosp

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Adding Apples HD is a great app for simple addition for those who can benefit from visual supports. In this app, a screen comes up that appears similar to a calculator, but with dot representing the numbers, on the keys. When the child chooses two numbers to add, like 2 plus 2, each number is spoken and 2 apples are add when you press the first two and again when you press the second two in a disp

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @appymall Montessori%20Letter%20Sounds%20HD This is an amazing and carefully thought out app that goes from letter sounds, letter shapes, all the way to the �Sound it out� level where your child can write first words with a moveable alphabet. The system that this app uses keeps track of marbles won by each player. These marbles are Marbles used to unlock additional games and levels and to encourage y

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @appymall ConversationBuilderDeluxe This is a fantastic app to teach social and conversational skills in children, so that they may transfer to their interactions with their peers. You do not need additional packs because they are included! The visual prompts help the child to follow the flow of the conversation. Also, kids can record their half of the conversation, which encourages articulation, flow,

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Kid in Story Book Maker Free is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the full version of the app before you make a purchasing decision! In this free version of the app, you can choose one story to read and to customize for and/or with your child, plus you can download social stories from the community only to read. To customize more books, you have to upgrade to the full version via a sec

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Fiete � A day on a farm is an interactive day app about a day on the farm. In this app, children engage in different activities from morning through night, beginning with waking the farmers, and moving from one side of the screen to the other gathering eggs, picking carrots, cleaning the dirty pigs the pigs, picking apples, sheering sheep, milking a cow, feeding the pigs, and putting the correct i

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @appymall storysmart2: Casey\'s Big Day - Social Language Skills This app is an interactive, extremely engaging eBook, in which your child can learn social skills, as they go through the first day of school with Casey. They can help him make decisions, and actually change the outcome of the story, and Casey's day. When doing so, they animation in the story changes as well. In this app, the user records a

#AppyReview by Angie Gorz @AppyMall Mr. Koope the hedgehog is a charming tale about a hedgehog, who does not like the rain. Mr. Koope gets cranky when it rains, due to his old house with a leaky roof, so he decides to figure out a way to live above the clouds in a nicer house with no rain, which he accomplishes with the help of his neighbours. The hedgehog soon discovers that there may be no rain, but there are chatty stars that bot