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'Los Punks: We Are All We Have' dives deep into East LA and South Central's mosh pits to give us an intimate look at the overwhelmingly Latino punk scene.

'Los Punks: We Are All We Have' - interesting, nostalgic, and a part of me felt depressed at revisiting the feelings this doc stirred up.

Bad Brains

“HR would very often do these back flips, like once or twice a show, you know he would feel the energy and get excited and just do it. One time I was lucky enough to catch it” Bad Brains photo by Glen E. Friedman, ca 1982

Edgeday Have Heart

Face The Show - Punk, Hardcore, Metal and

Girl, you're too cute; 1 inch more & we can see.... stuff  classy punk

Fun, female punk upside down in a tree with a mohawk, skirt, and ripped fishnets

grunge rocker sexy girls punk metal music fashion hair style

Nikki refers to the "punk rock" style a lot in her story. Here is just an image that I found when I searched punk rock.