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Belgian Malinois

Traits of the Belgian Malinois The Belgian sheepherding breeds, collectively known as Chiens de Berger Belge, shared their early history as general—purpose shepherds and guard dogs of Belgium. Thelsho

from My Growing Traditions

Black and White Cows, Pair of hand-carved - 2-1/4" / Size Large

A hand-carved pair of Black and White Cows, 2-1/4" tall. Wood-turned, hand-carved, hand-painted. From Christian Werner's Size Large Noah's Ark - buy One (1 x1) or the Pair (2 x 2). Enjoy the classic folk art of ring-turning - Reifendrehen - since the 1800s | FIND at My Growing Traditions



Traits of the Vizsla The Vizsla's forebears may have included breeds that the Magyars collected as they swarmed across Europe before settling in Hungary over 1,000 years ago. The Hungarian plains were


Parson Russell Terrier

Traits of the Parson Russell Terrier The Parson Russell Terrier is descended in most part from a dog named Trump, which was obtained by the Parson John Russell of Devonshire, England in the mid-1800s.



Traits of the Saluki The name Saluki may come from the ancient civilization of Seleucia. Arab nomads used Salukis to run down gazelles, foxes, and hares in...


Manchester Terrier

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Welsh Springer Spaniel

A Welsh Springer Spaniel is a special companion. Welsh Springer Spaniel illustration drawing is perfect for wall decor, as a gift, or as a memorial.