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collegetothestars: 03/01/16: I am drowning in work and my in-class notes were an absolute mess so here’s a quick scan of the mind map I made for my health final tomorrow ( >u< )

from Student Art Guide

How to Make a Mind Map: Creative Examples for High School Art Students

In this example, numerous small images have been cut out and arranged, accompanied by annotation. Colours have been positioned carefully, so that the final image appears balanced and cohesive (rather than busy and chaotic).

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Pinner before: This is what my notes should look like...

[Full Size Planner] My Mind Map Template (Free Printable... and a few others) | My Mind Map → Hmm, I could see myself using this as an occasional part of my Bullet Journal (or any other planner, if I had a different one)

This mind map looks at gamification through the lens of Self-Determination Theory. In it, the intrinsic motivation is based on three principles: competence, autonomy and relatedness. #mindmap #doodle is allowing people within your workplace to motivate one another by having fun. We're working on a way to gamify the office experience to create a better company culture for offices of all size with

'Order and Disorder' brain storm and mind map page. (Half)

Trenchportation (Transportation- mind map by Imy Reeves)