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This blog was created to vent all your dirty, your adorable, and your completely crazy confessions starring the one and only: Mr. Tom Hiddleston Please go and check out the FAQ before submitting This blog holds anonymity to the highest regard.

- Tom Hiddleston 1883 Magazine photoshoot - this photoshoot gets madder & madder as it goes on, it just keeps on giving!

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Tom Hiddleston, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway on the Graham Norton Show at the London Studios. Source: Torrilla, Weibo

The first thing I did today was go on Pinterest and look at this gif. I had a shitty night. I don't feel so bad anymore. I think this day is going to turn around. :) Oh Tom. You are such a ray of hope, happiness, and joy wherever you go.