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this is a '65 Mustang but James had a 67 fastback (black) I had a 67 coupe (white) Eddie had 67 coupe (blue). True muscle cars from our past.

ARTICLE-Obama's Gay Past Being Hidden By Killing Ex-Lovers-- It's sad that this story was ignored completely by our mainstream media and had to be reported by the tabloid magazine Globe. This is an older story from last January, but still relevant today. To this day, nothing's been done about Obama's gay ex-lovers' execution style murders to cover up his past. He, and those with him, have gone free.

Our first #snow softly covered everything as we slept last night. It made me think of God's love- how it can cover everything and transform it in an instant. I couldn't resist the beauty of this statue of the #BlessedMother in front of our #church this morning. Softly dusted with that snow-love I think she looked positively radient. And who couldn't look beautiful with the layer of #Christ covering their faults? _ This quote is from the book Thoughts of the Cure D'Ars. Here is is on Amazon…


The TIME Vault: 1955

The cover of the April 12, 1968, issue of LIFE magazine. Crazy Humans when are going to learn from our past mistakes???? By killing other humans we are killing part of our selves!!!

The mystery of the deep boasts of it's duality. It's soft body invites me to it's embrace. It's serenity hidden in the depths of it's soul. It's mist gently caresses my cheek. It's sapphire brilliance whispers promise of fortune but it's jealous outward nature rises up as a child's tantrum, crushing and splintering mortar and beam.

"People come to me on waves of memory, but all of them are ghosts. The sound of a distant ocean covers me with surf, that tide that bears me back eternally into the past, back to the place where I was born. My mother took me out in our little fishing boat, out on the open water of the sea. The thrum and hiss of surf upon the shore behind us, the breaking rhythm never ceasing. My mother waited until we were out of sight of land. She waited to tell me the secret." -- from the novel Sinful Folk

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