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Sacrifice (The Detective Jane Candiotti Series Book 3) by Clyde Phillips,

A great historical Fiction about faith, the Gospel and depending on the Lord. Better than most sermons!

But at the same time are proud when stores mark good books at high prices, because you know the book deserves to be worth a million bucks.

One of the most life changing christian series I've ever read. Francine Rivers brings ancient Rome to life in such a breathtaking way, you can almost feel the roar of the crowds packed into the colloseum as they wait for the spill of human blood. The realism and imagery she paints is astonishing, at times disturbing, yet extremely moving.

Chosen - The first in the House of Night Series... Again a teen series but very enjoyable. I am a sucker for a good vampire series. lol

As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers. This is the final book in the Mark of the Lion Trilogy & continues only the story of Atretes from the first book. I loved reading it & seeing Atretes character development & as a book on it's own is excellent, though as I can't help but compare it to the first two, it is probably my least favourite off the Trilogy, but still a great book. - MJ