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GSD in the pool. I had one GSD who loved to swim in the pool and one who would only go this far. He never when off the step. The others would lay on the cool decking and watch us yet, never try to come in with us.

i already have a bike. for me- take the bike down us 1 and the dragons tail in my lifetime

Make-up brushes 101

nice highlighting contouring tutorial

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Waterful Ring Toss by TOMY


You do not even need to go on a boat to see the dolphins, they do come very near to the beach, especially late afternoon and you can see them playing and jumping. Beautiful sight.

Issei Isuda - Japan, sea deconstruction

Cholet (cholo+chalet) by the architect Fredy Mamani. El Alto, Bolivia. Via populardelujo

The Ultimate Bucket List for Couples

Only 14 years left, we better get on it! The Ultimate Bucket List for Couples