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Engagement is an exciting time of preparation for the big wedding day but don't forget that there are MANY important things to discuss learn and grow in in this season before marriage. Wether it be finances children future goals or common interests it is so important to know your future spouse and work through decision making in these important areas before you say "I do." Child rearing is especially something that can be over looked in this season because it is a distant thought. It is…

Not sure where to start when becoming a good steward of your home? There's more to it than just doing chores – but it isn't hard at all either! Here's how to become a good steward of the home God has given you.

Full quote available if you click on the link. Worth clicking! Love is ... it can outlast anything. It is, in fact, the one thing that stands when all else has fallen.” ― Elisabeth Elliot

Are you wasting time? Whenever something is rare or in short supply it is valuable- but do we see our time this way, and steward it well in our families? We could be wasting time and not even realize it, avoiding big issues in our marriages, parenting and our own spiritual development. God has graciously given us today- learn how to steward it well for his glory!

If we don’t feel like we’re getting everything done, then we need to do something about it. 4 ways to make time count!

What does it look like to steward time well? How do we invest time in a way that honors God, serves our family well, and enables us to live more awake? The following is a list of ways we can skillfully handle the days we have been given.

The Bible explains that stewardship is about dealing with all that God has given us; and how we manage it for Him. Stewardship is about how we handle our marriage and family life and how we deal with all our neighbors. It focuses on who we are. Stewardship touches our deepest dreams, our hopes and all we are interested in. Living as stewards makes us examine our goals and how we handle time especially in how it relates to our many commitments spent building a certain life style.

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