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Are you a talented chef, food production manager, chef manager or an executive chef looking for great career opportunities? Why not explore the Sodexo difference where a passion for great food is just a start!

Our experience with leading companies has taught us that to maximize impact, recognition programs have to be strategically positioned in the organization, as well as effectively managed from the early stages of their development. In this white paper from Sodexo we propose a new leadership framework that will guide the strategic management of recognition programs through three main components: foundations, operational pillars, and performance.

Sodexo Motivation Solution’s Demonstrating Value in Employee Recognition Programs White Paper, takes an in-depth look at the impact of programs by using the more comprehensive VOI model, which emphasizes qualitative and quantitative impact on performance.

Inside, Sodexo examines the best practices in recognition and reward programs for multiple generations and explores how generational behavioral trait analytics from your workforce can determine which recognitions and rewards would be most meaningful. By capitalizing on the strengths and values of different generations, recognition programs can realize the full potential of an organization’s talent pool and create an enduring competitive edge.

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