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Kalanchoe diagremontiana - Mother of thousands - I love this plant and have 15 "babies" just barely starting in the dirt.

ep. Pretty much sums it up. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Don't let the little farce of a perfect lil family of Trumps fool you. They are evil bastards. Just look at puz holding the bloody elephant tail he just cut off. SICK FUCKER. Raised by a nanny, lots of money and ZERO CLASS.

"Pakistan’s dirty little porn secret: buttoned-up, blasphemy-obsessed Pakistan has a dirty little secret – it’s the world’s No. 1 consumer of on-line pornography. And not just your common-or-garden smut. According to this report it has been top-dog in searches per-person for “horse sex”, “donkey sex”, “rape pictures”, “rape sex”, “child sex”, “animal sex”, “dog sex”, “camel sex,” “rape video,” “child sex video”, and some other searches that are too graphic to mention..... Surprised? I'm not.

Confessions of an Ex-Republican | Mother Jones - Excellent - click and read just a little! So worth reading!

from Financial Times

Tied to the election

Ties, fashion and election results. The online menswear brand had designed two new pairs of trousers, one with little elephants embroidered on them and one with donkeys, and were planning to chart the sales to see if one style far outsold the other

How about trying Mr. President?

from Groupthink

Hilarious Exit Email from Capitol Hill Staffer Highlights Bizarre Environment

Failure can be funny. We try and try, and it doesn't always end up the way we'd intended. But we don't have to take ourselves so seriously. It's not that we fail that's funny; it's usually how absurd it is when it happens. Here are some examples...

from Washington Post

After Newtown, mourning parents enter into the lonely quiet

It's amazing what money can do to justify a republicans actions. The death of children means little to republicans compared to millions in campaign funding.