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 Artwork for the upcoming book (Land of Neves - Dragnors coming) by Jason Auigbelle. Check "Land of Neves" folder… This pict...

PATH OF TERROR/MONSTER CAT 4/CAT 5 SOON!!! - YouTube Sep 30, 2016

These actions in big cities are not for demonstration.....they are for acclimating YOU towards THEIR NWO!!! Now do you believe in JESUS' words??? WOW!!! LARGE MILITARY ACTIONS MOVEMENTS ACROSS AMERICA 2014!

I think we need to fire all of them and clean sweep with some better morals and better everything else

Dennis Michael Lynch - YouTube - Scene from They Come to America II #DML2016

Not just demand answers from Clinton, but demand answers from Obama, why is U.S. Giving 1,519 persons Engaged in Terrorism Residency Asylum under the guise of "While Under Duress" need? What is up?

from NBC News

Chattanooga Shootings: Four Marines and Gunman Dead in Rampage at Tennessee Military Facilities

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3249: Chattanooga Military Mass Shooting - Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez and a very Telling Facial Expression (PHOTOS)

Prison Diversion Programs in New York Face New Scrutiny After Police Officers Killing