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Note: Harley Quinn has been DC's scarlet sweetheart since she was first introduced, but her recent revamp in the "New has turned some people off Dr. Quinzel's escapades. But this redesign by Kris Anka takes that original design by Bruce Timm with the m

Hallo! I'm back! With a fan art commish of Harley Quinn! I hope that you'll like her! If you like this art and you want a commission send me a note! Har... Harley Quinn

Hello, my name is Laura. I devour books like a hunry beast. I'm a endless music lister. A twin. Aspiring Writer locked in a battle between writer's block and creativity.

Welcome to the Mad House babies. This is where you shall go looney in all the right ways. Where your mind will never be found and your heart is always around. This is dedicated to the Clown Prince and...