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3D-printed homeware brand OTHR's latest release is a porcelain wine tilt that holds bottles at a perfect 45-degree angle for aeration.

Why the Sky Enchants Us: Our Longing for Transcendence and How Myths Elevate Human Life

“Human beings have always been mythmakers… We are meaning-seeking creatures.” “We have such a young culture that there is an opportunity to contribute wonderful new myths to it,” Kurt Vonnegut said in a forgotten 1974 interview. | School Libraries

In the wake of the colossal acts of terrorism of the last decade, the author, a legal historian and human rights lawyer realized that many people in the West had ideas about the origins and implications of the shari'a, or Islamic law, that were hazy, contradictory, or simply wrong.

Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate (I Can Read!) by Robin Jones Gunn

Sexual demographics of the United States. Data from

Class themes in film. Illustration by Eric Crawford and found in Pop Culture Freaks by Dustin Kidd.

This image shows you both gender representation on prime time television broken down in cateorgories such as dramas, comedies, etc. and how TV which is supposed to be more gender equal than films, still have this disparity (Findings).