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If you thought popcorn was limited to just sweet or salty then you've probably never seen bright blue popcorn before. Meet Keesha Edwards from Papa's Popcorn - uniquely coloured and flavoured popcorns. She doesn't just talk about popping, however. Keesha also gives some great advice when setting yourself up in business.

Matthew Larcome is currently organising the Southampton Business Show at the Ageas Bowl on November 19th, which is part of a series he's putting on across the south. In the show, he explains what your business can gain from exhibiting at the show, and his top tips for how you should approach your stand and greeting others.

It isn't hard to notice that Southampton has suddenly become a habitat to several brightly coloured zebras. These zebras are known as 'Zany Zebras'. Meet the lady behind them, Kirstie Mathieson from Marwell Zoo. You can listen again and find out more about this fantastic organisation.

It won’t be long into this interview before you discover that Rocky Moore and the team he has assembled are really into their food. Rocky comes from Quay Fifteen, a new restaurant based in Shamrock Quay, and what he discusses is sure to get your mouth watering.

Your business can be helped by the experts. Sandeep Sesodia is the Chairman of the Southampton Business Board of The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce. He also set up the Hampshire Chamber Asian Network in Southampton and as some great tips for new businesses with 30 years in the Banking and Financial Sector under his belt.

Adrienne Marsden came to the show from The Business Collective and explained how your business can tune into the local community. She also highlights how important it is to live up to your core values. The show has some great tips that you could use in your company.

'The Boutique Village' is an opportunity for start-up businesses to try their skills without getting themselves stuck into a long-term lease arrangement. David Van is the marketing manager for the 40,000 sq ft large organisation and reveals some of his own experiences and tips...

Meet just a few members of a brand new fresh fish retail in Southampton - J & S Fresh Fish. Xan spoke to company owner Sylvia Pucket, Marketing Manager Kevin Vince and fishmonger Phil Foulkes. Missed it? Listen again here...

Artist Rachael Brown ditched the paints when she discovered she really loves making glass ornaments. Hear her experience in the first year of running a business, and what she's learnt and achieved.

Trouble making decisions? Issues that need to be resolved? Problems in your personal or business like? Then you may need a talk with Shelley Edwards. Xan spoke to Shelley about her services, which include Neuro-linguistic programming and Yoga to name a few.

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