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"I dont have any formula for you to figure out when do you do that or when you do risk your life and when you do go for safety. I want to make sure that you know the Bible blesses ordains and calls you to take risks. If I could just settle that and fix that in your heart then I think the Holy Spirit will use all the necessary things in order to help you decide when to do one and when to do the other. Maybe just a practical statement about foolish risks: Ill risk alienating people here who…

I want to get away, I want to fly away! Where would you like to fly away to today? #AVGeek #Planes

Would you fly in a windowless plane? — You Could Be Flying In A Windowless Plane Within A Decade | IFLScience http://www.iflscience.com/technology/uk-company-wants-make-windowless-planes-within-decade

Preparing Wood With Hand Planes ...... So why on earth would you want to prepare stock by hand? It sounds hard work right.......http://gshaydon.co.uk/blog/preparing-wood-with-hand-planes/

Undone by MICHAEL KIMBALL. Late one night, Sal Erickson's best friend calls him outside for a walk by the river. "Who do you trust?" he asks Sal. "Who would you trust with your life?" It is this fateful question that will send Sal's precariously balanced life spinning out of control--propelling him into a strangely irresistible arena of passion and violence. For Bobby Swift and his stunningly seductive wife Noel are planning the scam of the century. And Sal, against his will, is about to be…

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