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DO GOOD. An Adoption Story blog — 114 west DO GOOD. A post on loss and adoption Photos by Tyler Nicole Photography Tattoo

Pregnant and choosing adoption? Are you nurturing the life growing inside you? Many birth moms are afraid to connect with the life inside them for fear it will hurt more when she places her baby with another family. Don't be afraid to develop a closeness with your baby even if you will be placing him or her. It's crucial to your babies development and your own ability to heal and work through the complexities later on. #Birthmomstoday #Birthmomstrong

I was going through a giant archive of old photographs (yes another one), mostly taken by Westerners over in Vietnam during the war, when I started to develop a very unexpected style crush. Who knew Mod fashion made it to 1960s Vietnam? As it turns out, until the early 1970s, before the fall of Saigon, street fashion in South Vietnam adopted elements of…

Thai Pancake - Thai Roti

Thai Roti! a thin pancake dessert we fell in love with in Thailand. recipe includes link for video instructions.