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Le Cool Giraffe Dry-Erase Board. This little fellow can be found throughout my shop dressed for a variety of occasions with more to come.

Sea Angel (Clione limacina), 5 cm … found from the surface to 350 m in depth. Distribution of Clione limacina is mostly in cold waters, as the Arctic Ocean to North Carolina, Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe in Northern Atlantic and North Pacific. It can survive one year without food.(read more: Wikipedia) (images: Alexander Semenov)

Bluefaced Angelfish - ©Adam Powell -

from Mail Online

The monsters of the deep photographed by one intrepid diver

Lina Hookano discovered this pin by Gisele, M. A common Clione, also popularly known as Sea Angel: Mr Semeov's work has seen him travel the globe in search of rare species

Underwater Photographer Michael Gerken's Gallery: Mike Gerken: Angelic -

Sea angel with open mouth (by Alexander Semenov, White Sea Biological Station, Russia)

Handmade driftwood angel decorated with green sea glass

This "sea toad" anglerfish is just one of many deep sea wonders from the 2009 IUCN Seamount expedition, which concluded last week. *rugenius

oceanographic: S.E.A. AQUARIUM - 09 (by David Yeo T. B.)