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Rachel and Leah: Sisters and Jewish Matriarchs. What is the mystery of the spiritual qualities represented by these two sisters? What was the secret cosmic schism that would span centuries of history?

In this class we explore a perplexing story the Talmud relates at the end of Tractate Sukkah about an apostate woman named Miriam from the family of Bilgah. Like so many teachings of the Talmud known as “Agadeta, this mysterious passage contains profound meaning, and will teach us something extraordinary about our neighbors.

Of all the portions in the Torah, Shemot most clearly illustrates the strength of the Jewish woman.

The Golden Calf - Ki Tisa Art - Parsha

The Zohar tells a parable of a beautiful woman who peeks out to her beloved through a small window. Those who love her, find her. Those who don’t, must have patience.

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The Rebbe told that there were many Jewish people who had problems with addiction, and that I should make sure to take care of them . . .

Every translator grapples with two conflicting aims: to faithfully convey the content of the original, and to make it understood, attractive and “natural” in its foreign enclothment. How far to go? The Rebbe sees a precedent in the first Torah scroll written by Moses.

How do I express gratitude? How do I feel the appropriate amount? How do I make sense of the fact that two years later, I don’t hold her close often enough or feel sufficient thanks in her presence?

Throughout his leadership, the Rebbe marked his birthday by redoubling his efforts to reach out to Jews in every corner of the world.