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madacon: “Little reaction from me to Underpable´s Flying buddies DA (wouldn´t normally post stuff from other people to mine, but I thought it is clear what I mean this way. :/ ) ”

getstudyblr: “24 . 09 . 2016 // recent notes on physics, chemistry, biology and history ✨ I’m quite proud of them, to be honest ”

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Derpy Hooves would make a great rapper. They see her derpin', they hatin', they controlin', tryin' to catch her flying derpy...

12/8/2012; Jeannette Swain at 'StampsNWhatnot' website; Affection Collection & Button Buddies stamp set

from BuzzFeed

43 Awesome Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Steal This Christmas

Candy Crazed | 43 Awesome Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Steal This Christmas

Princess Luna remember you have wings?!? You can just fly off the moon! :P

The Parlor in Jackson MI. Wonderful gigantic ice cream creations!

a.k.a. megabats, fruit bats, old world fruit bats, or flying foxes. by Yhun Suarez

baby flying fox. Baby bats cling to their mother's fur when mom flies out for food. Sometimes they become dislodged and fall off. A number of places around the country care for orphaned bats.

"Hang in There". Fruit bats. ©Mike Dawson