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10/17/16: Traveling home and thinking of those I love, near and far and beyond.

I remember loving this sketch as Grover gets more and more out of breath as he demonstrates Near......... Far......... Near.........Far.......

"Why are you telling me this? because I don't want to fail anymore." #Arrow #Season5 #5x02

Sesame Street - Furry, lovable Grover demonstrates "Near & Far"

Dione (near) with Enceladus (far) in the background. This image was taken by the Cassini spacecraft on 8 September 2015 Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

The Runic Cross: State the issue and draw six runes in the manner stated above. Cast them Right, Near Centre, Left, Near, Far Centre, Far

Indo-Persian shishpar, (flanged mace) solid bronze or brass, thick flanged head with six blades in the European style. The shaft of circular section at the top and bottom, and facetted in the centre, all faces finely etched with decoration. Maces of this style were used throughout Europe, and into the near/far east and India where they were called the shishpar, gurj, gurz, topuz. This example is in the 16th century style, and is probably of 19th century manufacture, of high quality…

i saw this a nearly started crying bc theyve come so far