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Digital Rainbow Abstract Rug

Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography by William Neill

“My dream is every day. When I wake up, I want to find something new. Something beautiful about each day I'm given. I want to take the cards I'm given and play them with a smile, not to win, just to play.” ― Marilyn Grey,

Because the Forest is so huge, it has a variety of climates and habitates. The areas further south are steamy jungles and treacherous swamps. Farther north cools off to deciduous forests. But for some strange reason, it ends closer up north, giving way to smaller, less dangerous conifer forests and tundra. Perhaps the Forest doesn't like the cold.

Abstract paintings, Abstract Realism and Urban pop art "in situ" displayed in spaces. Please feel free to visit my website, where you can purchase my current stock, or message me to discuss a commission (or say hello!)...... I love what I do, so please enjoy! Happy Trails Franko.......... Black White Grey abstract paintings

Oversized Art

I've been obsessing over large scale art lately - specifically oversized photography. They just provide such a powerful impact and can actually visually open up a space. If only we all had more walls to fill . . .


what do you need: a canvas, tape, lots of paint 1. make lots of lines with the tape 2. paint the pieces where isn't paint in fun colors 3. when it's dry, take the tape of and paint what's white (or leave it like that) 4. done!