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Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar Nelson was a biracial American poet, journalist and political activist. Moore was born in New Orleans and was one of the prominent African Americans involved in the flourishing of the Harlem Renaissance. Moore graduated from Straight University in 1892 and started work as a teacher in the public school system. In 1984, her diary was published and provided insight into the lives of black women, family and financial difficulty.

Amazing dancer's body- do you want this? Sign up today- don't procrastinate

When tomorrow comes will you regret what you didn’t do today?

Some people say the Jewish Holocaust never happened and clearly the belief must be that the African American Holocaust never happened and that people of African decent should get over this horrific time in American History because it was many years ago. There has been compensation and conversations in reguards to the Native Americans, Jewish, and Japenese people that America felt responsible for it's poor actions (or lack there of) and mistakes, feeling obligated to award financial benefits.

Doing Just What You Love May Be Hurting Your Business.Focusing on the parts of the business in which you naturally excel or enjoy is actually a form of procrastination. It’s called creative avoidance, doing something but not the right thing. I’ve compiled a quick list of three hacks or mind-shifts for ensuring that you tackle those other tasks and ensure your bottom line is strong: 1. Do it early. 2. Focus. 3. Reward yourself. Doing first things first equals winning.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - slam poetry by Mayda Del Valle

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5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation

5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation...sorry no good pic. great lessons though

Lesson of the day... or fortune cookie ... same thing. This is linked to a blog about being organized. I liked the fortune cookie quote, but could only pin it from the blog.