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An App That Predicts Your Farts. Sure, Why Not? If all single men would get this and use it on 1st dates, yeah, that'd be great! Lol

If you were gas in my butt, I would never fart for fear of losing you, cause you're the shit!

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Wheaties Beer Is Perfect For Pouring Over Wheaties Cereal

Who should be on the Wheaties beer can? Because that's going to be a thing:

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Sexy Tyrion Lannister & More Incredible Links

Ummm, Meet Sexy Tyrion Lannister & More Incredible Links

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 66 Pics

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Disney Princesses As Sloths Is The Ultimate Disney Princess Mash-Up

PRINCESS SLOTHMINE "Plot: Aladdin uses his third wish from the Genie to turn Jasmine into a sloth." Why can't I stop laughing....

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Just Some Completely Horrifying Dental Mannequins, NBD!

A dental school dummy heads practice room. Why ears? THIS IS SCARY..besides they should have the patient replica more life like it should have a wallet next to it.

Which is one of many reasons i don't do potlucks...yuck lol