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An App That Predicts Your Farts. Sure, Why Not

An App That Predicts Your Farts. Sure, Why Not? If all single men would get this and use it on 1st dates, yeah, that'd be great! Lol

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3D Printer Squirts Mayo In The Shape Of Your Selfie

Hellmann's, a global mayo company that supplies nearly half of the mayonnaises market in the United States, has created a robotic printer arm that squirts out mayonnaise selfies on burgers, as part of a summer campaign the brand has launched in the U.K..

If you were gas in my butt, I would never fart for fear of losing you, cause you're the shit!

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Wheaties Beer Is Perfect For Pouring Over Wheaties Cereal

Growing up, I remember the orange box of Wheaties with an athlete on the front, sitting in the middle of the kitchen table as we ate breakfast. For us, it was the "breakfast of champions." Now it's going to be the "beer of champions?"

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Just Some Completely Horrifying Dental Mannequins, NBD!

A dental school dummy heads practice room. Why ears? THIS IS SCARY..besides they should have the patient replica more life like it should have a wallet next to it. So.... These are creeptastic.

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Break Up Beans Is The New Worst Way To End A Relationship

Send a Merry Christmas wish with this Merry Christmas Bean! These beans will sprout in days with their heartfelt message inscribed on the bean and on the first set of leaves that emerge!

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A Dog-Shaped Firework That Poops When Its Butt Fuse Is Lit

Youtuber Scott Malott posted this video of Bad Dog, a firework shaped like a dog that poops when its butt is lit on fire.