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luminnej: [Instagram] Lumi's Feature 3: Nectar and Stone

@nectarandstone I'm obsessed with nectar and stone

caroline khoo | nectar & stone @nectarandstone Hydration is todayInstagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

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{closed: Mike} These look expensive.. I look down at the chocolates a girl handed me. It was the fifth time today.. It what's the word to describe it, weird?.. I dunno.. I look down at them. They remind me of something..but I'm not sure what.. [*cough* pink hair *cough*]. I shrug and close the box. I look up and see something pink. That looked familiar too.. I shrug and start to walk until I see the pink thing again. Ah, what is it?! I start to run after it, holding the chocolates…

from MERY [メリー]

「nectar and stone」はオーストラリアで最もファッショナブルなケーキ屋さん