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Tell These Senators That Kids Are Worth More Than Gun Profits | MoveOn.Org

The TeaPublican Jesus. All guns, no healthcare, don't help the poor, take away school lunch programs for the needy children and food for seniors. Corporations are 'their' people who pay no taxes and take jobs overseas while getting billions in tax breaks. JESUS.

Who voted for the sequester? They shut the government down as a temper tantrum against the Affordable Care Act. We will remember in 2014!!

When this asshole was quoted saying that if Obamacare was passed into law, he would pass the cost onto his customers AND recommend all franchises to cut all employees hours to about 25 a week to avoid paying the extra taxes. I will NEVER eat his shitty food ever again simply for the lousy attitude he has toward his customers and employees

I think this man needs to change parties and surround himself with the compassionate right. Boehner and his republican cronies included cashola to NASCAR and Goldman Sacs rather than victims of hurricane Sandy.

Would proud voluntary blissful ignorance have anything to do with? What about lazy Democrats in mid-terms not getting out to vote? Women voting for Teapublicans who want women controlled as slaves?

Holy bat-shit stupid! What century are we in again?(see Mississippi.. now yall know why i started this board smh)

Religion supports nobody. It has to be supported. It produces no wheat, no corn; it plows no land; it fells to forest. It is a perpetual mendicant. It lives on the labors of others and then has the arrogance, to pretend that it supports the giver. - Robert Ingersoll