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The TeaPublican Jesus. All guns, no healthcare, don't help the poor, take away school lunch programs for the needy children and food for seniors. Corporations are 'their' people who pay no taxes and take jobs overseas while getting billions in tax breaks. JESUS.

Would proud voluntary blissful ignorance have anything to do with? What about lazy Democrats in mid-terms not getting out to vote? Women voting for Teapublicans who want women controlled as slaves?

from Washington Post

The Koch brothers may spend $290 million on this election. That’s how much 5,270 American households make in a year.

The Koch brothers just announced a new super PAC called Freedom Partners Action Fund. The group will invest $15 million in the midterms, bringing the Kochs' total investment to a reported $290 million for the 2014 elections, all of it going to REPUBLICAN/TEA PARTY candidates.