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'They teach you how to love': Meet the lion, tiger and bear who are besties

#Nature #Cats | A lion, a bear and a tiger. 13 years ago they were rescued as cubs and to this day they are still inseparable.

Rare liliger cubs become mane attraction at a Russian zoo - the result of breeding lions and tigers

Even more rare than the liger & tigon, the liliger cub is the offspring of a male lion with a female liger. These cubs were born to a zoo in Russia and have a unique coat pattern. They aren’t stripes like a tiger, but almost dots like a leopard.

Liger the biggest cat ever Loin/tiger Fierce if it was in the jungle and not keeped by humans instead they are soft softy's but I know they are fierce inside anyway

Extremely rare Panion - On April 9, 2006, two jaglions were born at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, Barrie (north of Toronto), Ontario, Canada. Jahzara (female) and Tsunami (male) were the result of an unintended mating between a black jaguar called Diablo and a lioness called Lola. melanism gene.

Out On A Walk With The Baby

Incredible Markings - Click to see loads of great pictures of cats and kittens that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Hercules the liger 408 kg Half tigeress and half lion It is the largest of all known extant felines