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The Squid

"The Squid" by maddiemouse-9819 on Polyvore

[Video] Benedict Cumberbatch in "Jimmy Kimmel Hires Dr. Strange" sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. October 20, 2016. (2:27)

I see this almost constantly in work brought to me: lack of conflict, especially in the beginning of the novel. Here are some suggestions from the Writing Café. self-publishing independent author website information novel writing non-fiction fiction books manuscripts how-to

Bioluminescent-Squid, Caribbean glowing squid (can be seen during guided night dives)

Beautiful and mysterious- A reef squid at night. Photo by Cor Bosman and Julie Edwards.

bogleech: I always think Dumbo Octopuses somehow look like Winnie the Pooh characters Just all of them at once in an octopus

Aww how cute! If I can ship fictional characters, nonexistent fictional characters aren't that much of a stretch

GLASS SQUID Family: Cranchiidae Habitat: Deep sea  Fun Fact: Many glass squids are bioluminescent.