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Rosemary: Hero in the Kitchen

Rosemary: "I now spend Sundays shopping for the week, prepping all my ingredients, and pre-cooking any ingredients that I can. This saves me an incredible amount of time." Read her Hero in the Kitchen story. #WhatsYourCookingStory

Wife breaks the law to use dead husband's sperm for baby... and health chiefs back her: British widow makes legal history by travelling to Europe for IVF

Abstract Connection: Dowds says that Conservatives are in their own parallel universe where all of their biases are accepted. In recent news, however, it seems that scientists might have actually found a parallel universe that has bumped into our own.

How To Host Sunday Dinners

A great way to connect with family and friends on a regular basis is to organize Sunday dinners. Think about the number of people you want to invite and send out a standing invitation. Text everyone to let them know what you plan to make, and then they can chime in with the dish they plan to bring. The dinner isn’t just about eating. Hang out in the living room watching a sporting event, play Guitar Hero, or pull out the board games. Keep reading as eBay helps you start a great new…

Chef Albert Adrià's Food Empire

#Barcelona #Restaurant *********** Albert Adria is one of the most famous and celebrated chefs in Barcelona. Together with his brother, he has opened numerous restaurants in Barcelona, one of the most notable being Tickets, a tapas restaurant. Expect to make a reservation for a set seating time and to spend hours at the restaurant, you are meant to savor every bite!

Mother's Day Brunch

Show your mom how much you love her this Mother's Day by serving her a delicious brunch or breakfast in bed! These 21 recipe ideas are tailored just for her personality and style, whether she has a sweet tooth, loves spicy food or is on a gluten-free diet.

Barack Obama and Michelle celebrate the first lady's birthday at a Mexican restaurant | Daily Mail Online

Watch This: Orange Is The New Black #theeverygirl