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I haven't posted in a few days and not on my blog in weeks. The reason? This is the reason. Or more accurately the lack thereof. This rare and beautiful moment of rest was caught on the way back from a wedding this weekend and just about sums up how I feel... #folkandstory

Dreaming of frosty mornings and maybe some snow... As the chaos piles up around me and my toddler rampages round the living room when he should be in bed I'm snatching some much needed moments to myself

We're more than half way through December and as usual I haven't done half the Christmasy things I said I would (including buy presents for anyone except my son...). Ah well the tree is up the air is crisp and the world will go on turning whether I make mince pies or not...

The smell of narcissi on Christmas morning is one my favourite simple things about Christmas. What's yours? . Today I have been mostly lying in bed recovering from yet another bout of illness. The question is will it clear up in time for the big day? Whatever happens at least the flowers are in

A few blooms to brighten up my Saturday :-) #folkandstory

The colours of winter can sometimes be so unexpected. Saw this beautiful branch while taking my son to the zoo and it's leaves just leapt out at me

A quiet place to sit. Oh to have more of those... #folkandstory

I feel as though every spare minute I'm not looking after the boy is spent either feeling ill or trying to catch up on sleep not had in the middle of the night. He's nearly 18 months... When do they sleep?! First world problems I know but I really miss having energy...

I cant decide if flowers are more beautiful at their summer heights or winter dormancy... what do you think?

Feeling the need for some woodland wilderness today but haven't managed anything more adventurous than the park. This was taken on an autumn ramble back when the leaves were green and the air was warm... Roll on the weekend Happy Friday everyone