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Don't even think twice about not going. This is a must if you want to reduce the chances of permanent damage. Even if you feel fine, symptoms of this type of trauma to the spine will creep up on you. Studies show that it only takes an impact of 5 mph to cause problems. Remember, whatever force your car sustains, you absorb as well.

Chiropractic Wellness Quote- "The nervous system controls and coordinates ALL of the organs and stucutures in the human body." -Gray's Anatomy


Believe : Federer for 18th grand slam Sweatshirt

"I take aspirin for the headache caused by the Tigan I take for the nausea I get from the Exovac that takes care of the dry mouth caused by the Lunesta I take because I can't sleep due to the Ritalin that helps me with my hyperactivitiy due to the Dimenhydrinate I take for the dizziness caused by the Beta Blocker I take for my high blood pressure because exercise, a good diet, and chiropractic care is too much work."

“Chiropractic’s Cradle…” - Newton's Cradle is a simple device that demonstrates the laws of momentum with a series of swinging spheres. The progression of many health problems can be described in a similar, sequential manner.