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Easy ways to Soften Dry Rough Feet

Crack heels are the very common problem and it requires the same attention as we shower on our skin and hair issues. It’s very important  to treat the cracked heals before we end up with some…


Fix dried and broken makeup easily


Get Baby Soft Lips with Simple and Easy Home Remedies


Make Your Own Natural Vaseline

white nails: 1. mix 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide with 2 tbsp baking soda to create a paste. Apply to nails and under nails. Leave on for 2-3min and rinse with warm water. 2. mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil with 2 tbsp baking soda and few drops lemon juice to make paste and use on nails.


Ways to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping

If your on the go and want to dry your nail polish quickly and easily then use follow these steps: Apply 2 coats of your nail polish, take some ice water in a bowl and gently dip your nails for 10 …