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Jamie Foxx & Kerry Washington-Germany Django Unchained


Kerry Washington. I find I like her more as time goes on and I was a fan to begin with.

AC/DC. THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!! THIS GUY IN THE GREEN LITTLE BOYS SHORTS SUIT can play the guitar like no other...Just listen to the song and you will know what i mean...The song is my board cover for these pins..It has video of helicopters and soldiers etc...I love to watch it...Sooo patriotic (the video)

Embrace your beauty. Pick a person who embodies your style and express yourself!

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καποιο βραδυ σου'χα πει πως θελω να πεταξω σαν πουλι πανω απ'τον κοσμο, και'συ ζωγραφιζες φτερα σ'ενα λευκο χαρτι και μου πες ''φως μου, μη φυγεις φως μου''. Κι εμεινα εδω να μη σου λειψει τιποτα, εμεινα εδω να μη φοβηθεις, να μη μεινεις μονη σου και γω στο τιποτα, εμεινα εδω να μη μαραθεις!

from Us Weekly

Kerry Washington: 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala

Kerry Washington went with a printed Monique Lhuillier frock Oct. 22.