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Surf's Up Behavior using a clip chart in the shape of a surfboard. Goes great with a beach-themed classroom! All students start on Surf's Up and can move their clip up with good behavior (to Hang Ten or Super Surfer) or down when they break a class promise (to Rough Waters, Tidal Wave, or Wipeout)! I used foam board for the backing (cut with a box cutter) and laminated scrapbook paper with stickers for the words. I then created feet hot glued to clothespins and used students numbers to…

Ouchie Lotion is perfect for those "My arm hurts! Can I go to the nurse?" questions... a squirt of Ouchie Lotion and they're magically better! Click to get the FREE label and read more fun classroom management strategies and ideas!

Word chart! For my writing resource group! We have been working on using more complex verbs and adjectives to describe our experiences!

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Made this for my class birthday chart. Nautical decor classroom. Write on the glass frame with vis-a-vis markers

Have the classroom rules visible so students never have the excuse that they forgot the rules.

classroom organization tips - helpful hints from my 1st grade classroom #classroomorganization #firstgrade

Turn it into positive classroom by making these the group management. Each time a group gets ready first or works silently, reward them by adding a "sea shell" to their bucket. When it's full, the whole group gets a reward. (i.e. extra time on the iPads/computer or free reading time)