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So completely grossed out right now. It is difficult to watch someone you used to like and admire make a choice to behave in ugly ways. But if they do it over and over you have to accept that that is who they really are. And I don't think it is possible to be friends with someone you can no longer respect.

HONESTY..... yes! 100% yes! I admire those who are brutally honest and tell it like it is. If you're honest with me, you have my respect.

NO<-- would you like a side of nope? To the tune of silent night , Sherlock will fall , Down with it all , John will cry , As people walk by , Anderson screams at sherlock's face, Trying to find every trace Sherlock please for me , Don't you dare leave, Lost it all, Since the fall, Molly's sad, Lestrade's gone bad, Hudson cries and sits on the stairs, Mycroft ignores every glare, Sherlock's done this to me, Why did you ever leave? (Sherlock's point of view), I know you are sad, I think…

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i agree with Ellen's Beliefs...But i personally need to work on being a better daughter in the kindness and helping out department. I can admit sometimes I lose my temper with my mom... She has a tenacity to repeat herself. Like the saying goes she knows how to beat a dead horse..