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Racial politics and the 2012 election

#Racial politics and the 2012 election

Witness Campaign: Through the eyes of the American voter

Are you a political Super Fan? This guy is!

Colbert's Super PAC is Back, But Who's the Biggest Donor?

Colbert’s Super PAC is Back, But Who’s the Biggest Donor?

Muslims in America 2012 - Who Will They Vote For?

Who are American #Muslims likely to vote for in 2012?

Santorum super PAC goes up in Missouri

Rick Santorum and his supporters are playing to win in Missouri’s Feb. 7 primary, as a super PAC supporting his campaign goes up with television ads there ahead of next week’s non-binding contest.

Romney says poor have a 'safety net'

Mitt Romney is trying to explain what he meant when he said that he isn't concerned about the very poor or rich. CNN's Dana Bash reports. RELATED STORY: Romney says 'poor' comment needs context ...

Libertarian Ron Paul is dilemma for Republicans

(Reuters) - The Republican Party is faced with a dilemma: how to handle a popular, unorthodox presidential candidate who wants to do away with the Federal Reserve and end U.S. military presence overseas.