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Vibhishana Leaves Lanka and his brother Ravana, to join Rama & advise him in his attack of Lanka. 1790 India. detail

King Dasaratha and His Retinue Proceed to Rama's Wedding: Shangri II Ramayana Series by the Bahu Masters ca. 1700, Jammu, India detail

Vasant Ragini: ca. 1630/40 Malwa. A verse describes the scene: “[She] has rubbed ash on her body . . .[and] remembers, in her heart, [her] husband . . . [as she sits] in the courtyard of the hermitage. The dark clouds appeared from the four directions, followed by the birds and brilliant lightning.”

1605 Mughal Emperor Jahangir Watching an Elephant Fight. Servants hold fireworks on poles to control the direction of the action. An early work still influenced by the Safavid Style of Persia by Farrukh Chela. Gold detail in the margins added in the e. 18th C.

Album of Persian and Indian calligraphy and paintings, Mary and Jesus, Walters Manuscript W.668, fol.10b detail by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts, via Flickr