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(In reaction to the direction the dictator-in-chief & the liberal dems have taken & continue to take this once great country.) After Ohio Bakery’s ‘Politically Incorrect’ Front-Door Sign Goes Viral, Staffers Describe How Customers Have Reacted. Staffers manning the Sunday evening crowd said that not only is the sign still affixed to the front door, but also business has doubled.

The most hated term "politically correct", I will say what I want to say, damned if you don't like it! So sick of "politically correct" this and that -pinner

political cartoon featuring bill clinton up in the middle of the night in a tie and boxers on the phone with hillary clinton with her arms in her hips, bill is saying would you believe it's jake from state farm: this is a paradoy of a state farm commercial

Hillary Clinton: "Women have always been the Primary Victims of War"! |POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS

Bill confirms Hillary's claim that Trump is a Chauvinist Pig! |POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS

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Seattle Officials Call For Ban On 'potentially Offensive' Language

Political Correctness is the first step in taking away your 1st Amendment right of Free Speech

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Bill on

@Steph93065 @WayneBogda @Braveheart_USA @ChristieC733 @FreedomChild3 we've become politically correct

Immunity for cooperating with the FBI!? How convenient for Hillary and her Minions.