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Living In A Hotel - My Next Home Is Going To Be A Hotel

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A hypothetical client (based on actual events) can continue to direct all the money previously paid toward debt into a conservative investment and pay off their house in 4 years. No jokes.

10 ways to become poor

Oftentimes, one of the best ways to learn something is to study the opposite. In this case, let's just take a look at 10 ideas that will take you backwards financially in order to get a clear picture of what not to do.

Living In A Hotel - My Next Home Is Going To Be A Hotel

Living in a hotel will actually help you save money instead of getting nickeled and dimed like when we rent an apartment or buy a new home. See how to save.

Tips for a No Spend Day or Week or Month

Sometimes the best way to save money is not to spend any money. Try not to buy anything for a day or week and put this amount in your savings.

Budget Your Money with the 50/20/30 Rule

When it comes to budgeting we all have to start somewhere. Maybe you've never had budget before or you've strayed away from your budget and have found yourself in overwhelming debt. This is where the 50/20/30 Rule comes in.

How 14 Bank Accounts Saved Our Budget

How 14 Bank Accounts Saved Our Budget. Yes! This! We started this 3 months ago, when my sister told me about it and even in such a short time it made such a difference. It's easy to keep track of even a small budget and you don;t have to worry about keeping cash and carrying cash everywhere. It's like a cash budget alternative.

My First Blog Income Report

If I can make money from my blog, anyone can. In less than 6 months of blogging, I started making money from my blog.