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Call me an ambulance.

from Thug Life Shirts

Super Cool Aunt

I never dreamed I would be a super cool Aunt, but here I am killing it!

I was dating a single dad and I found it extremely surprising that he apologized when he couldn't go out with me to be with his kids. Your kids come FIRST. Always.

from Wattpad

Save Me from Myself - Chapter Ten ✔️

imagine seeing jinxx and asking him for an autoghraph you look down at whatever he signed and it says "andy" or something like that

from Skreened

Weird | T-Shirt

Limited edition, let's do some simple addition!

Not really funny, but cool! When it says blink fast, it means blink repeatedly, really fast. Then you'll see it.

Yes it my daughter loves frozen, and I love the Lord so this is a really cool pin!

i wonder if this is true? either way, i'm just going to start telling people i drink double-doubles from now on, cuz it sounds cool =D

Vending machines should have weight sensors at the bottom so that if after like say 20 seconds nothing falls down, it gives you your money back.