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Twitter / @Jared_Gilmore: Happiness is eating an In and Out Burger back home in San Siego

Credit: Twitter /@ MRaymondJames: TV Guide boat #SDCC ...Belle and Hook at Comic Con! I so want to be there right now.

Fron Sean's Twitter - "DOn't you just hate it when you get on a plane and the person beside you is really Grumpy?"...lol,,,,#OUAT

☾resent on Twitter: "Ginny on location in Burnaby, 22nd September…

o'donoghue ‏@colinodonoghue1 · 2h Go @Lara Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Canucks! With @sean_m_maguire and @Jared_Gilmore pic.twitter.com/lQDK63lWRf

David Anders Twitter Pic: "Lana Parrilla gettin pretty on the blue screen as Sebby Stan looks on As if she could get any prettier"

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