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That's the plan for today! 😁 #running #runner #runnergirl #restday #fitness #pokemon #nike

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Avengers as Pokemon trainers

The Avengers and Pokemon. I never thought it was possible.

Avengers x Pokemon

The Avengers x Pokemon

This is awesome. Tony Stark - Metagross Captain America - Braviary Hawkeye - Pidgeot Agent Colson - Victini Thor - Raichu Loki - Gengar Bruce Banner/Hulk - Reuniclus Black Widow - Vulpix Director Fury - Garchomp If avengers had pokemon.

Random Pokemon, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Rayquaza, Pokemon Comics, Medium

Insane Pokemon art - 9GAG

Insane Pokemon art (By Piper Thibodeau)

Insane Pokemon art (By Piper Thibodeau)- Look at Venusaur and Charizards freaking faces X)

All Pokemon (not sure if it includes the most recent generation because I don't care) sorted chromatically.

Every Single Pokemon, Arranged By Color. For the Pokemon lovers with OCD. Phew that's a lot of Pokemons!

I love pokemon ; )

Pokemon wearing evolutions pencil drawings This is too cute!

Mewtwo :3 <3

Don't be fooled by his looks - he's a real sweetie >>> he murdered the people who created him. He's a real sweetie.

If the Avengers had Pokemon

If the Avengers had Pokemon