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See the skies sparkle over Alaska, Canada, Norway, Sweden and beyond with our guide to viewing the northern lights. The lights are best seen on dark nights, from October to #March. The lights are also active in milder September and April: http://www.wanderlust.co.uk/planatrip/types-of-trip/travel-icons/aurora-borealisnorthern-lights

I want to see the Northern Lights. Whether it be in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada or Alaska.

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Beautiful Northern Lights, around the World. An aurora is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic).

What I Love: Aurora Borealis | Made Her Think – New York City Jewelry and Accessories

Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis - Canada Photograph by Dave B - My Shot Light from an amazing display of the Aurora Borealis fills the sky—and lends a hue of green to the spring snow—over Vee Lake, located outside Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Northern lights I wish I could see this in real life #beautiful

Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis - Alaska - The most beautiful landscapes in the United States pictures): The Force Northern Lights Alaska