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Knuthenlund Dairy milk, there is goat milk here too. i love the look of this

Unexpected vegan goodies at Trader Joe's!

Unexpected Vegan Goodies From Trader Joe’s

Unexpected vegan goodies at Trader Joe's!

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Paleo Turkey Sweet Potato Chili is also gluten-free and dairy-free. If you like savory sweet potato recipes like I do, you'll love this chili. [found on]

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Ditch Milk and Dairy Products Got Milk? More like, “got osteoporosis, cancer, skin and gut issues, and mucus build-up?” There are multiple reasons why you should ditch milk and dairy products..

A non-dairy and soy free cheese I just discovered !! It actually melts, we can have pizza again! My MSPI kids love it!!!

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Pumpkin Wheat Bread Loaf. Vegan Recipe

Not that I'm vegan, but I found this very interesting. Love the lentil/steak comparison at the bottom. I'm a meat eater, but have cut back to a few serves a week, rather than at dinner every single night. Definitely keen to keep doing this and eventually reduce my overall meat intake to a minimum, substituting foods like chickpeas, lentils and toful for protein.

why #vegan ~ one of the worst cruelties is the separation of mother cow from her calf. The breaking of this natural, strong maternal bond is traumatic to both cow and calf and should be reason enough for all compassionate people to reject dairy products.

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Inspiration graphique #5 : 25 packagings originaux et innovants à découvrir

Two Eggs for You! Eggs packaging

why being vegan is easy. reasons to go vegan. lots of recipes