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from 100 Days of Real Food

Why We Avoid Low-Fat Products

Low-Fat, Lite, and Nonfat Food Products= increased sugars, high calorie carbs, and further processing. This is just an intro article to the idea that these supposedly less fattening products are actually worse for you, feel free to research further into it!


The Scary Truth: What Wine, Sugar, Gluten, & Dairy Are Doing to Your Skin

The side effects of using diary products. Swollen eyelids and acne spots.

Check out the image towards the bottom of the page illustrating how an infant sucking at the breast sends a signal to the hypothalamus which signals the pituitary to release oxytocin and prolactin for letdown and milk production. Our bodies are amazing!

from Eat More Cheese

Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta

Meredith Dairy. Some of the best goats cheese I've ever had. Sampled some in a cheese plate I got at di Bortoli Winery in Yarra Valley, Australia.

The Bircher Bar Cafe & Pantry - stocking all of your gourmet & specialty food needs locally here in Lismore and shipping Australia-wide! Just to name a few of our brilliant products and suppliers... @byronbaycookies @byronbaycoffeecompany @byronbayfreshpasta @nimbin_bakery @mayfieldsmarket_kitchen @westmontpickles @coastalfinefoods @originchocolate @gewurzhaus @frankgreen_official @detour_en_provence @uglyduckpreserves @originalaeropress @maffra_cheese @naked.byron.dips @meredith_dairy…

from Authority Nutrition

Is Dairy Bad For You, or Good? The Milky, Cheesy Truth

This article examines the health effects of dairy products, which seem to vary greatly between individuals. Many people are intolerant to dairy.

from CheeseRank

Meredith Dairy Marinated Cheese

Meredith Dairy Marinated Cheese from Australia is a cheese to have on hand for the whole summer!